Monday, 9 January 2017


Broaching is an interesting machining process which is used in mass production. It has certain advantages and limitations as compared to the other machining processes.these are given below.


1) Fast and simple process.

2)High degree of accuracy and finish is possible.

3)Any shape of profile can be easily machined.

4) Machining process is completed with one stroke of broach.

5) Life of broach tool is high.

6)Cutting temperature and tool wear is low.

7) Doesn't require a highly skilled operator.

8)Cutting force acts in the clamping direction I.e.,it doesn't tends to lift the workpiece from fixture.

9)cutting fluids can be applied more easily and effectively.

10)Most economical for mass production of components.


1) Not economical for small quantity productions.

2)Cost of broach is high.

3) Tool grinding (broach sharpening) is difficult and expensive.

4) Not suitable to machine a surface having obstruction.

5) The work must be strong enough to with stand cutting forces.

6) Very light and delicate jobs cannot broached easily.

7)Large amount of metal cannot be removed by broaching.

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