Monday, 9 January 2017


The tailstock is located on right side of the bed i.e.right hand side of the operator. The main purpose of a tailstock on an engine lathe is to support free end of a work during is also used to hold tools for making holes (twist drills,reamers) adjusted along the bed of the lathe accommodate different lengths of is provided with set over screw at its base for taper turning has cast iron body with bore to accommodate tailstock spindle,and the top portion contains the spindle,tailstock hand wheel, and a spindle clamp for locking the spindle in position. The end of the spindle has a taper bore for holding dead centre,taper shank drills and other tools.the spindle can centre,taper shank drills and other tools.The spindle can be moved in and out of the tailstock by the rotation of hand wheel in anticlockwise and clock wise direction respectively.A tailstock is shown in fig.

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