Wednesday, 11 January 2017


The method of application of a cutting fluid is very important and depends on the particular operation. These methods vary from hand applications such as use of brush or oil-can to high pressure applications.For high production. The following methods are used.

   1)Flood method,

   2) Jet method,and

   3) Mist method.

1) Flood method :

In this method,a reciprocating pump is used to force the coolant over the work and tool.The outlet of the pump is connected to a nozzle through flexible pipe.The nozzle can be adjusted to direct the stream of the fluid at the cutting zone.This is the most common method of application of cutting fluid.

2) jet method :

In jet method,a small jet of fluid at high speed is directed at the point of metal separation from the underneath the tool.In high-speed jet system gear or vane type pump is used to maintain high pressure.

3) Mist method :

In mist method,the fluid is passed through a specially designed nozzle to form very fine droplets(mist).This mist is directed at the cutting zone at high speed.It has better cooling effect than flood or jet methods.

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