Monday, 9 January 2017


To get the optimum benefits, the cutting fluid should possess the following qualities.

1) They should possess good lubricating properties to minimise the friction.

2)They should possess high heat absorption capacity so as to carry away the heat generated.

3)They should present no fire or accidental hazards.

4) They should not cause skin irritation.

5)They should not emit obnoxious odours and vapours harmful to the operator, workpiece or surrounding area.

6) They should be of low viscosity to permit free flow and easy separation from chips collected.

7)They should prevent rusting of the
Machine slidings and working surfaces.

8) They should be suitable for a variety of cutting operations, and should be easily available at low price so as to minimise production cost.

9) They should be chemically stable.

10) they should not deteriorate in storage.

11) They should have high flash point.

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