Sunday, 8 January 2017

Hydraulic machines

Hydraulic Machines Points : Hydraulic Machines The hydraulic machines, transmitted forces from point to point through a liquid; Most hydraulic machines use some sort of incompressible fluid, a fluid that is at its maximum density. Oil is the most commonly used in compressible fluid for hydraulic machines. In a simple hydraulic system, when a piston pushes down on the oil, the oil transmits all of the original force to another piston, which is driven up. A hydraulic pump creates the pressure that moves the pistons.

There are number of machines working on the principle of hydrostatics and hydraulics, but the following are in common use:
(i) Hydraulic press
(ii) Hydraulic accumulator
(iii) Hydraulic intensifier
(iv) Hydraulic crane.
(v) Hydraulic lift

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