Sunday, 8 January 2017

Screw jack

Screw jack Points : Screw jack, Definition, Construction, Working, Mechanical AdvantageDefinition Screw jack is a simple machine generally used to lift automobiles. Construction• A long screw rod passing through a threaded block ‘B’, having pitch ‘h’.
• A handle ‘H’ to turn the threaded block.
Working When an effort ‘P’ applied on the handle ‘H of radius ‘d, the handle moves in a circle. When effort completes one revolution it covers a distance equal to 2p d and load is raised to a height ‘h’. Mechanical AdvantageOutput = Input
Wh = Px 2πd
W/P = 2π d/h
M.A. = 2π d/h
Mechanical Advantage = Distance through which the effort is moved/Height through which the load is raised

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